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Blogroll + links

All Points Blog: weblog for Location Technology & GIS 

All Things Geography (GIS)

Andrea Polli's weblog: http://www.danchan.com/weblog/andreapolli
not the usual blog of daily events. It contains a series of notes/thoughts designed to make connections between science and media art.  

Arts & Ecology 

Beyond the Beyond: Bruce Sterling's weblog (hosted by Wired)

Biophilia: To the extent that each person can feel like a naturalist, the old excitement of the untrammeled world will be regained.


Brian Flood (GIS) 

Cartography: weblog of the Canadian Cartographic Association

Cascadia Scorecard Weblog: Northwest Environment Watch's take on the news that really matters

Climate Change Action

Climate Change News 

Climate Change Resources

deconsumption: The party's over. Turn out the lights.... 

Deep North: a virtual expedition 

Digital Earth

Digitally Distributed Environments 

Earthquake Prediction by Tiempe 

Eyeteeth: a journal of incisive ideas 

Free Soil 

Fresh Bilge 

Futurefarmers: cultivating consciousness since 1995

Futurefarmers Project Site 


High Earth Orbit

Hungry Hyaena: Art Conservation Ecology Politics 

Invasive Species Weblog 

The Map Room: a weblog about maps

MetroBlogging New Orleans 

My Weather Blog

North 2006: parallel research about the north pole and deep arctic 

Ogle Earth: blog about the wonderful things being done with Google Earth

The Scientific Activist: Reporting from the Crossroads of Science and Politics

Secrecy News: from the Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy

Sphere: Independent reporting, commentary and observations about the environment and other things in the Long Island Sound region

sustainablog: news, information and personal meanderings related to environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics 

ThinkLemon: Geospatial tag(soup)-based collaborative document editing via instant messaging 


Thoughts from the Middle of Nowhere: A Cattle Rancher's views and Opinions on the World from "The Last Best Place," Montana

Tom's Astronomy Blog: Astronomy News, Notes, and Observations 

treehugger: The future is green. Find it here.


Urban Cartography 

The Viridian Design Movement

Virtual Earth: Act Global, Search Local 



WeatherMatrix: community weather blog 

webmapper: what the map can be 

The Well

West Coast Earthquakes

WorldChanging: another world is here


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