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Eco Artists + Projects


Superflex: http://www.superflex.net Members: Jakob Fenger 1968 (DK); Rasmus Nielsen 1969 (DK); Bjørnstjerne Christiansen 1969 (DK)
Superflex Biogas in Africa (1997)
Exhibition at ARKEN Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Denmark

toward creating an ecologically sustainable energy source for poor, isolated farming families in Third World countries. In 1997 Superflex introduced a biogas plant which was installed in a village in Tanzania. Since then, two orange balloons in the village have converted biological waste into gas, thus making an African household self-sufficient in terms of heating and lighting.
The project spawned the company Supergas Ltd in which engineers, Superflex and various investors expand the project for commercial use in different parts of the world. read more


Huit Facettes (Founded 1996 in Dakar, Senegal) Current members: Abdoulaye N'Doye, El Hadji Sy, Fode Camara, Cheikh Niass, Jean Marie Bruce, Mor Lisa Ba and Amadou Kane Sy (Kan-Si).
Documentation of the workshops in Hamdallaye, Senegal, since 1999.

The collective of fine artists organizes workshops in rural areas of Senegal. In 1999 it built a sociocultural center of creativity in cooperation with on-location developers, such as Maat Mbay (farmer and autodidactic fresco painter), in his home village Hamdallaye Samba M'Baye. Through "establishing a personalized graphic register for the villagers by decorating huts with a new form of alphabet, a mode of corporate identity was collectively conceived."



Lillian Ball
Sands of Time

Aviva Rahmani
Ghost Nets (1991 - 2000)
Restoring Salt Marsh Habitats 

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