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Eric Deis: Yesterday's Sunset


Eric Deis, /Yesterday's Sunset/, 6:26pm, February 14, 2006

via NEWSgrist, February 25, 2006

Eric Deis: Yesterday's Sunset

 part of

Until Then Then

Eric Deis, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Holly Ward, and Elizabeth Zvonar
Curated by Candice Hopkins and Jonathan Middleton

February 24 - April 1, 2006
Opening Reception Friday, February 24, 2006 at 8pm

Western Front Society
303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1S1

via [Press Machine] 2/23/06:

Yesterday's Sunset Starts Tomorrow
Commuters heading home across the Burrard Street Bridge may catch
a glimpse of Vancouver artist Eric Deis braving the elements to
photograph the sunset. He is taking over seven hundred exposures each
day, as part of a new work entitled Yesterday's Sunset, on display at
Western Front as part of the group exhibition Until Then Then running
from February 24 until April 1, 2006. [...]

Over the course of eight hours, the images from Yesterday's Sunset
play on a high definition monitor inside the gallery space. The
harried hustle and bustle of city life is transformed into a subtly
moving, nearly imperceptible, and highly evocative image.

Until Then Then looks "critically at nostalgia and future utopias,"
explains Jonathan Middleton, Curator at Western Front. "On one hand
overtly nostalgic, Deis' work employs the familiar motif of a sunset
in order to point to... issues such as urban development."

Eric Deis is an emerging artist from Vancouver, Canada. His artwork
explores how the urban environment and the construction of cities
influence the lives of its inhabitants, and vice versa. Through
large-scale photography, sculpture, and video, Deis reconfigures our
perception of the world by exposing the subtle peculiarities of our
everyday environment. 

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