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Press + Praise

via serial consign:

strange weather

I've been meaning to post a plug for one of my favourite niche blogs for a while. I found out about Joy Garnett's Strange Weather about a year ago and I've been consistently impressed with the content of the site. The site is a hub for information pertaining to climate change from the perspective of the arts community and it manages to trace out a unique path that differentiates it from the often homogenous myriad of arts and technology blogs active right now.

[image portia-munson's green installation]


from  Peripheral Vision By Meredith Tromble, Artweek, November 2006:

Joy Garnett...maintains StrangeWeather.info as a resource hub, posting dozens, possibly hundreds of links to art, science, government and activist sites related to climate change... Garnett's archive offers a way to keep engaging with our own, inverted, contemporary sublime.



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